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David Haberfeld Honeysmack

 Photo: Justin McManus, The Age September 2021

David has worked as an electronic dance music artist, producer, composer, performer, DJ, academic, educator, researcher and music technologist since the early 1990s. He is an experienced music industry and creative industries professional who innovates and inspires with his unique personable creative approach to making and performing music. David has successfully led and responded to the rapid changes in the way we produce, perform, market, manage, and teach creative art practices with a focus on music and media for almost three decades; including how digitalisation has impacted audience engagement. The diverse roles David has occupied include leading, strategic and supportive communication roles in the arts, music and media. His experiences are unique in that they combine academic, industrial, and creative practices.

He holds a PhD in music composition, and his exegesis, Bacharach, Britney, and Acid Techno Bangers: The Evolving Creative Practice of Honeysmack, looked at various electronic dance music real-time compositional techniques. It specifically examines how Acid Techno is efficiently produced by merging studio-based and performance-based practices while being influenced by the stylistic traits of this well-established subgenre. By analysing the usage of electronic instruments and technology connected to electronic dance music, the research examined the origins and development of his creative approach. Through his improvisational approach to music making, David's research continues to explore new interactions and push the limits of electronic dance music. As an academic and researcher he lectures at universities in Australia, USA and China, with numerous conference appearances.

As the vibrant and energising live artist Honeysmack, he has earned a unique regard and reputation across the local and global electronic dance music communities. His music highlights include co-writing credits with Grammy and Academy awarded songwriter Burt Bacharach, ARIA final nominee for Best Dance Music Release in 1999 and continues to perform live electronica at major music events.

 Photo: Mel Butters, March 2023

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